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Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
Full time

Dr. Cheek

Dr. Cheryl Cheek teaches human development and family studies at Penn State Mont Alto. Some of the courses she teaches include Adult Development and Aging, Values and Ethics, Empirical Inquiry, The Helping Relationship (counseling skills), Family Disorganization: Stress Points in the Contemporary Family, Development through Adulthood, Death and Dying, Women’s Impact on American Life, Historical Roots of the Modern Italian Family, Italian Relationships, and Identity in Adulthood. In her research, Dr. Cheek is particularly interested in identity development in adult and aging populations. She believes as people live longer, healthier lives, they have the opportunities to “reinvent” themselves may times.

Most Recent Publications

Cheek, C. and K. Piercy. 2008. Quilting as a Tool in Resolving Erikson’s Adult Stage of Human Development. Journal of Adult Development 15:13-24.

Cheek, C. and K. Piercy 2004. Quilting as age identity expression in traditional women. International Journal of Aging and Human Development 4(59):321-37.

Piercy, K. and Cheryl Cheek. 2003. Tending and befriending: The intertwined relationships of quilters. Journal of Women and Aging 16(1-2):17-33.

Cheek, C. and K. Piercy. 2003. Identity paths: Women’s experiences on and off welfare. Journal of Poverty 7(4):53-72.

Cheek, C. and R. Jones. 2001. Identity style and employment histories among women receiving public assistance. Journal of Vocational Behavior 59:76-88.


Ph.D. in in Family and Human Development with a specialty in Adult Development and Aging, Utah State University, 2000

M.S.W. in Social Work, University of Utah, 1994

B.S. in Psychology, University of Utah, 1990

B.S. in Music Education, Brigham Young University, 1974


E-mail: clc24@psu.edu
Phone: 717-749-6012
Fax: 717-749-6069
Office: 10 Bookstore Building