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Professor of Management
Full time

Dr. Holoviak

Dr. Holoviak teaches management courses at Penn State Mont Alto. Throughout his lifetime, he has authored or coauthored approximately 100 books, journal articles, magazine articles, papers, training manuals, etc.

Most Recent Publications

Holoviak, Stephen, Thomas Verney, Jerry Weigle, and Justin Holoviak. Forthcoming, 2009. Linking Mission, Strategy and Student Outcomes Assessment: A Cost Effective Model. Journal of Case Studies in Accreditation and Assessment (spring).

Verney, Thomas, Stephen Holoviak, and Anthony Winter. 2009. Enhancing the Reliability of Internship Evaluation. Journal of Applied Business and Economics 9(1):22-33.

Marsh, Michael, Stephen Holoviak, and Ronald Taylor. 2008. Enhancing Classroom Performance: A Technology Design to Support the Integration of Collaborative Learning and Participative Teams. College Teaching Methods & Styles Journal 4(6)(June):31-40.

Verney, Thomas, Stephen Voloviak, and Anthony Winter. 2007. Transfer Students: A Student Outcome/Institutional Outcome Assessment Model. Journal of Applied Business and Economics 7(4):74-87.

Lee, Daniel, and Stephen Holoviak.2006. Unemployment and Crime: An Empirical Investigation. Applied Economics Letters 13(12)(November):805-810.


Ph.D. in Industrial Relations, West Virginia University, 1980

M.A. in Labor Economics, West Virginia University, 1979

M.S. in Management, Frostburg University, 1978

B.S. in Finance, Henderson University, 1969


E-mail: sjh29@psu.edu  
Phone: 717-749-6221
Office: 212 General Studies Building