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In spring 2011, with the support of Dr. Michael Doncheski, director of Academic Affairs (DAA), and Tim Radio, former programs coordinator of the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), the Penn State Mont Alto Academic Advising Council (MAAC) was formed. The University as a whole has the University Advising Council (UAC) , and campuses have been encouraged to create their own council to address “local” topics under the direction of their campus' DAAs and DUS coordinators. It is our hope that the MAAC will grow to become, among other things, a group:

  • that values quality academic advising and works to foster a campus climate/culture that does the same
  • that the campus looks to for guidance on addressing academic advising-related issues

CURRENT MAAC MEMBERS [with their term expiration]:

Dr. Renee Borromeo, 2 PTA Adviser [through Sp15]
Katherine Chronister, Interim DUS Coordinator [ex officio]
Dr. Michael Doncheski, Director of Academic Affairs [convener]
Dr. Bernadette Gettel, Biology Instructor [through SP16]
John Henry, 2 ISCC Coordinator IST Instructor [through Sp15]
Haley Hicks, L A Student [through Sp15]
Sophia McCleaf, DUS Academic Adviser [ex officio]
Linda Monn, Campus Registrar [ex officio]
Antonia Spedden, Financial Aid Coordinator [ex officio]
Dr. Stephanie Unger, Nursing Instructor [through SP16]


Contact:         Dr. Michael Doncheski, Director of Academic Affairs