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The Penn State Mont Alto campus supports a wide variety of baccalaureate engineering degrees in the Penn State system through the 2+2 system. Engineering students begin their studies at the Mont Alto campus (usually spending two years at Mont Alto), and then transfer to another campus to finish their degrees (usually at University Park or Harrisburg where they will spend another two years). This system offers the best of both worlds, giving students access to smaller class sizes with teaching-focused faculty for their introductory courses, and a large diversity of course offerings for their more advanced studies with faculty who are on the cutting edge of their fields.


The link to the left labeled “College of Engineering” directs students to the Penn State University College of Engineering website, which oversees engineering students across all 24 Penn State campuses. The link labeled “Engineering Degrees” provides an overview of all the engineering degrees offered through the Penn State system, which students can begin here at the Mont Alto campus.