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Alumni Relations Committee: The Alumni Relations Committee strengthens ties of Mont Alto alumni by:

  • Planning on-campus activities such as reunions

  • Involving alumni in service activities such as on-campus landscaping projects

  • Communicating with alumni through various means

Campus Services Committee: This committee facilitates and encourages the involvement of alumni with on-campus activities throughout the year by:

  • Serving as a vehicle for alumni to volunteer their services

  • Involving alumni with ongoing activities of students and professors

  • Providing an ex-officio member to the Penn State Mont Alto Advisory Board

Student Relations Committee: This committee provides service and activities for current students including:

  • Hosting a spring graduation reception at University Park for students who previously attended the Mont Alto campus

  • Hosting a fall reunion at University Park for students transferring from the Mont Alto campus

  • Encouraging students to participate in campus service activities sponsored by the Alumni Society

  • Encouraging students to participate in activities that support the involvement and development of the Mont Alto student body