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Real-time interactive classroom

Experience Penn State everywhere.

Penn State’s Real-time Interactive Classroom (RIC) is based on advanced video conferencing technology. Anywhere a high bandwidth connection can be made through a browser, the student experiences a dynamic learning environment  where the instructor and students have real-time multimedia sharing of PowerPoint presentations, documents, streaming videos, demonstration software, white boards, Flash animations, and shared annotation privileges.

The Real-time Interactive Classroom provides a compelling learningReal-time interactive classroom screenshot environment with high-definition video and  integrated audio. Up to six live simultaneous video feeds in the main session creates a true on-line classroom experience. The video experience includes Active Speaker, which switches the video  automatically to focus on the current speaker. 

Students engage in a high level of participation and interaction with polling, threaded Q&A, and lively real-time group or private chats. Stimulating learning and group collaboration through on-line breakout sessions provides an exceptional educational experience.


Benefit from the technology.

Convenience - Students  in accelerated 7-week courses meet on-line with their instructor and their classmates for two hours per week, while additional coursework and homework assignments are completed on-line throughout the week using Penn State’s course management system.

Cost Savings - Students enrolled in Real-time Interactive Courses avoid costly computes to campus. Students attend on-line sessions at home, the office, while traveling, or anywhere there is a high bandwidth connection. There’s no complicated software to install or costly hardware to purchase. VoIP (Voice Over IP) is used, so the student does not incur costly telephone toll charges.

Quality - Real-time Interactive Courses are Penn State credit courses taught by Penn State faculty . Students benefit by having live access to faculty and their classmates.  Labs , help sessions, and instructor office hours are available on-line to support the student’s progress in the courses.

Connecting is easy.

To successfully participate in these courses the student needs a PC or Mac laptop or desktop, Web cam, sound card and speakers, screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher, video card and monitor configured for 32-bit high color or better, updated plugins, the current release of Firefox  or Internet Explore, and a high bandwidth connection.