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Honors Education

“I chose to attend Penn State for two reasons: the quality of the engineering program and the merit scholarship from the honors program. As someone who had worked hard to earn academic success, I was proud to go to a university that would reward me for my efforts. Now that I’m in a financial position to do so, I feel it is my duty to help someone else by recognizing their achievements and potential with scholarship support.”

—Pratima Singh Gatehouse ’96, with her husband, Ronald J. Gatehouse ’94, ’98g, endowed a scholarship in the Schreyer Honors College.

Enhancing Honors Education

The very best and brightest students encourage both faculty and other students to push themselves to new levels of understanding and achievement, and they represent an institution’s potential for excellence to the larger world. For more than a decade, the Schreyer Honors College has attracted outstanding students from throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, and all of Penn State has benefited from the innovative educational models and national attention generated by our honors programs. As colleges and universities compete for the nation’s top undergraduates, we must increase the scholarship support available for our most talented applicants while at the same time striving to keep our offerings at the cutting edge of honors education.

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