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Adult learning - Alice Royer
Africa - Peter Linehan 

Alternative Energies - Dr. Siegfried Herzog
Amish, Appalachain, and Mormon Quilters - Dr. Cheryl Cheek 
Behavioral Health - Bernadette Gettel 
Concept Mapping- Dr. Stephanie Unger

Consumer Health Research - Alica White 

Contemporary Literature - Dr. Kevin Boon
Coping Skills - Dr. Jacqueline Schwab
Creative Writing - Dr. Kevin Boon 
Cultural Diversity in Health Care- Dr. Stephanie Unger

Depressive Symptoms, examination of maternal and paternal  - Dr. Jennifer Marchand
Diabetic Foot Care and Exercise - Julie Martin 

Early American Women's History- Alice Royer

Emotional and Physical Health - Dr. Jacqueline Schwab 
Environmental Policy  - Dr. James Hamilton
Film and Screenplay - Dr. Kevin Boon

Family Experience of Critical Illnesses- Dr. Stephanie Unger

Fluid Mechanics - Dr. Siegfried Herzog
Flute Performance - Morgan Jenkins  

Forest Economics  - Dr. Peter Linehan
Forest Health Monitoring - Dr. Beth Brantley
Forest Management - Dr. Peter Linehan
Forest Pathology - Dr. Beth Brantley
Global Positioning Systems - Dr. Peter Linehan

Health, Emotional and Physical  - Dr. Jacqueline Schwab
Herpetology  - John Long 

International Business Protocols- Dr. Somjit Barat
Interviewing Skills, Resume Writing, and Job Search Skills- Amy Barkdoll
Jazz Music  - Morgan Jenkins  

John Brown in Chambersburg and his raid on Harpers Ferry- Dr. Peggy Russo 

Kurt Vonnegut - Dr. Kevin Boon 
Literature and Mysticism - Dr. Susan Johnston Graf
Literature and Occultism - Dr. Susan Johnston Graf
Marital problems as risk factors for the development of behavior problems in young children. - Dr. Jennifer Marchand

Mathematical Education- Kira Hamman
Maternal Behavior, negative behavior toward child - Dr. Jennifer Marchand 

Music  - Morgan Jenkins  

Nutrition - Bernadette Gettel
Old English Language and Literature - Dr. Peter Dendle
Pediatric Motor Development  - Dr. Angie Hissong
Pediatric Physical Therapy - Renee Borromeo
Physical Therapy Education - Renee Borrromeo
Physiology  - Bernadette Gettel 
Popular Culture - Dr. Kevin Boon 

Psychiatric Mental Health- Dr. Sherry Goertz

Quilting, Identity through  - Dr. Cheryl Cheek 
Reptiles - John Long 
Risk Communication - Dr. James Hamilton
Ritual in Modern Fiction - Dr. Richard Kane 
Self-Nurturance - Dr. Angela Hissong 
Southeast Asian Culture, and the Women of Southeast Asia- Dr. Stephanie Unger

Symbiotic Interactions  - Dr. Lauraine Hawkins 
Tree Identification and Health - Dr. Beth Brantley 

Twentieth Century Culture - Dr. Kevin Boon

W.B. Yeats - Dr. Susan Johnston Graf 
Women's 20th Century Literature and Religion - Alice Royer 

Women's Adult Identity Development - Dr. Cheryl Cheek
Women's Issues - Alice Royer
Women's Learning  -  Dr. Angie Hissong

Women's Well-being - Dr. Angie Hissong 

World Folklore - Dr. Peter Dendle
World Music - Morgan Jenkins 
Writing and Publishing a Novel  - Dr. Kevin Boon 

Zombie Movies and Literature  - Dr. Peter Dendle


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To schedule a speaker or contact a campus expert for comment in the media please contact Kristie Fry, director of public relations, at 717-749-6112 or kfry@psu.edu.