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Whether you are a visitor, student, or staff member, we encourage you to become familiar with our parking policies during your time with us on campus. Due to the high numbers of cars on our campus at any given time for classes and special events, we have established guidelines for where you can park, when you can park, and how long you can park (in several of our parking areas). Please be respectful of those spaces around campus that are designated for persons with a disability as well as those spaces on campus that are reserved for visitors to our campus. Parking in designated areas can save you time and money. 

All employees and students with a vehicle on campus are required to have a parking permit. These permits may be obtained at the Police Services Office, located directly across Orchard Drive from the Multipurpose Activities Center at the main entrance to campus. Parking permits are made available free of charge. Parking permits are valid for an academic year. New student permits must be obtained at the beginning of each fall semester, or when students arrive on campus. Lost or damaged permits may be replaced at any time. Parking regulations booklets are distributed at orientation and may be obtained at the Police Services office at any time.



University Police strive to enforce all parking regulations with fairness and diligence but occasionally mistakes can be made. If you have been issued a parking ticket, and you believe the ticket was issued in error, an appeal process is available. Forms for appeals are available at the Police Services Building. All appeals must be filed within 20 days of the date of the violation notice. Full payment for the violation must be paid at the time of the appeal. University Police cannot accept payments for parking violations, Payments must be made at the Campus Life Office, 207 Conklin Hall. If the appeal is granted, the payment will be refunded. If the appeal is denied, the payment will be retained to cover the fine specified on the violation notice. You must attach a copy of the receipt of payment to the appeal form. If you are a visitor to campus and have received a parking violation notice for not having a permit, please stop by the Police Services building and speak to one of our officers as this situation can easily be remedied.

If you have any questions regarding campus safety or security, please feel free to contact the officer on duty at 717-749-6070.


It's important to be aware that current campus improvement projects will preclude parking in the visitor parking lot this summer. 

  •  When you cross the bridge onto campus, please continue to the right, up the hill, then stay right at the Y. 
  • You'll arrive at a stop sign at the Bookstore, where you'll then continue straight. 
  • The road will curve to the left, and as you begin to drive back down the hill, you'll see parking behind the General Studies building.  Look for the blue area behind building 4 on the Campus Map.  You're welcome to park in any of the appropriate spots there.


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The map below illustrates the designated parking areas on campus.  A larger downloadable map is available here.
A map of the campus parking lots.