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Student Government Association (SGA) Election Procedures

A few guidelines have been established to make sure all university policies and political ethics are observed.  Election guidelines are an essential part of conducting a successful election.

  • All campaigning must follow all University policies and procedures.
  • Only candidates for GA Senator may "canvas" (go door to door to campaign in the residents halls, and then only in the building(s) they would represent, if elected.  Specific policies governing canvassing in the residence halls must be followed, and can be found in the "Student Guide to General University Policies and Rules".
  • See the section on Canvassing at Locations Other than University Park.  Permission to go door-to-door requires several approvals that must be arranged in advance.
  • So that students who live on campus do not have an unfair advantage over students who live off campus, candidate for Freshman Representative (or any other positions that are no elated to where students live) may not canvass (campaign door-to-door) in the residence halls.
  • All flyers must be hung only on designated bulletin boards in other specific areas.  All materials displayed in the Mill must have a prior approval from Housing and Food Services staff.
  • No campaign literature should e distributed or displayed inside the Mill Election Day nor should any campaigning by the candidate or his/her representatives take place in the Mill on election day.
  • Distribution of any campus literature must follow University policy.
  • No candidate should be within fifty feet (50 ft) of the voting boo/table on Election Day, except to cast his or her own ballot.
  • Serious violations of these election regulations may result in candidates being disqualified for election, at the discretion of the SGA Advisor.
  • For answers to individual questions regarding positions or election procedures please feel free to e-mail Adrea Christopher, SGA advisor, at axc8@psu.edu .