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Wireless Connection Instructions
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Wireless Connection Instructions
These illustrated instructions will assist you in connecting your personal computer to the Penn State Wireless Network.  Adobe Reader is required to open this document and can be dowloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My device has detected multiple wireless networks: attwifi, psu, psuwirelesssetup, PSUvisitor. Which one should I connect to?
Here is a list explaining the purpose of each wireless network.

  • attwifi This is a guest network owned and operated by AT&T. AT&T provides free wireless access at hotspots around the country for certain customers. You can also purchase time on the AT&T wifi network as needed. More information can be found on the AT&T Wifi website or by connecting to this wireless network and visiting the captive portal when you launch a browser.
  • psu This network should be used by all wireless devices of current students, faculty, and staff. If you use Windows 8, connect to this network and enter your Penn State Access Account credentials when prompted. For all other devices, some configuration is required.
  • psuwirelesssetup This network is used during initial configuration of your device. When connected, you can only visit http://wireless.psu.edu/setup, all other websites will be blocked.  The wireless setup website contains connection instructions for various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and OSX.

Q: I'm in my residence hall room and I'm not seeing any of these wireless networks or, when I do see them, my connection keeps dropping, what should I do?
The residence halls are owned by Housing and Food Services. ITS has been given permission to install wireless access points in the lobbies of the residence halls only. Depending on your location, you may be fortunate enough that the wireless signal extends into your room, however even if your device detects one of our wireless networks, it may disconnect sporadically due to low signal strength. Unfortunately, ITS is not allowed to expand wireless coverage throughout the residence halls at this time. A pilot project is currently underway at University Park by Housing and Food Services to offer ubiquitous wireless coverage in the residence halls. Until such time as their service is rolled out, wireless access is only supported in the lobbies of the residence halls.

Q: I live in a residence hall and my device is detecting wireless networks other than the four mentioned above, which one should I connect to?
Students are free under their housing agreement to setup a wireless router for their own use to extend the wired network connection to their wireless devices. If your device detects wireless networks in addition to those mentioned above, you are likely detecting wireless networks setup by your fellow students.

Q: I've followed all of the instructions but my device still won't connect, what should I do?
Please feel free to call, e-mail, or bring your device to the ITS HelpDesk for further assistance. Our contact information can be found on the ITS Homepage.