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The purpose of this list is to provide a catalog of products and services the Mont Alto Information Technology Services department is responsible for maintaining and/or supporting.  The list contains items that are time intensive and require a great deal of dedicated time to support and maintain, while other items require less time.  The document does not differentiate between these products or services and is strictly a listing of all products and services supported by the local ITS staff.

User Services - Helpdesk

Audio & Visual Services

  • A/V Sign-Out Equipment
  • A/V Event Support
  • Media Commons
  • Common Area A/V Needs
  • A/V Equipment Training

User Support

  • End User Support - Telephone/Helpdesk
  • Hardware Support
  • Software Support
  • Classroom Technology Support
  • Student, Faculty, and Staff Account Creation and Password Support
  • Video Conferencing Support
  • Provide support for central ITS services.
  • Maintain Faculty and Staff Helpdesk Tracking System.

Campus Printing

  • Ink, Toner, and Paper Supplies
  • Track Usage & Semester Billing
  • Student - Print Billing System

DreamSpark Program

  • Microsoft Licensing for Specialist Lab Software
  • Downloadable Software for faculty, staff, and students

ResCom and Student Support

  • Student Supervisor & Four Technicians
  • Student Support for ResCom Network (helpdesk / trouble tickets)
  • Services for Students with Virus Infection
  • Services for Students with Alleged Copyright Violations
  • Troubleshoot and Escalate Physical Connectgion Issues in Residence Halls
  • Assistance During Move-in Orientation
  • Staff Library - Friday/Saturday Evenings
  • Stock Printers with Paper Daily
  • Maintain Student Helpdesk Tracking System


  • Instructor Led Training (e.g. Web, MS Office, etc.)
  • Training Documentation on Campus Website
  • First-Year-Seminars
  • Campus Liason for Central and Regional Training Initiatives


  • Provide Orientation to University Technology to Students
  • Activate Student Access Accounts
  • Support Signature Stations


  • Campus Technology Inventory
  • Campus Directory
  • Salvage Inventory
  • How-To Guides
  • Mastering Technology

Instructional Design

  • Technology and Pedagogy
  • Meet with Class or 1-on-1
  • Video Conferencing - Best Practices
  • Campus Assessment (Training)
  • Faculty/Staff Development Day


  • Ink, Toner, Batteries, Cellular Telephones


Data Network - Campus & CE Locations

  • Maintain Campus Firewall, IDS, IPS
  • Maintain Data Switch(es) in All Buildings
    • Update Software / Firmware, Logs
  • Maintain Logical Network Structure
    • Routing, VLAN, DMZ, IP Subnets, DHCP
  • Maintain Physical Plant
    • Copper and Fiber Cabling
    • Inventory and Documentation (Cabling)
  • Maintain UPS Devices Supporting Network Hardware
  • Maintain DNS Records
  • Maintain Access and Security Logs
  • Maintain Recycling and Upgrade Plans
  • Maintain Cable Management
  • Maintain VPN Connection to CE Office
  • Maintain Redundant Data Network
  • Maintain Video Conferencing Equipment and Network

Voice Network

  • Maintain campus telephone extension, voicemail, and handsets
    • Repair As Needed
  • Maintain Physical Plant
    • Copper Wiring
    • Telephone Maps and Documentation
  • Service - Add/Change/Deletes
  • Maintain Upgrade Path and Maintenance Plans
    • Update handsets as budget allows
  • Maintain VoIP Viability and Link to UP
  • Maintain UPS/Generator Supporting Voice Services
  • Support Emergency Blue Lights
  • Monitor / Review Voice Billing - LD, Circuits, DID
  • Maintain CDR Records (All Calls)
  • Conference Bridge - Meet Me

Wireless Network

  • Maintain 53 Access Points / Service to Entire Campus
  • Maintain Networks for: Wireless 2.0, wireless telephones, AT&T Wifi
  • Maintain Wireless Clock System
  • Maintain Log Files
  • Maintain Hardware Maintenance and Software Versions
  • Maintain Recycling and Upgrade Path


  • Maintain Campus Servers in Redundant Areas
  • Maintain Virtual Server Software (VMWare)
  • Maintain Storage Area Network
  • Maintain System Patches
  • Investigate and Repair Hardware and Software Issues
  • Maintain KVM and DRACs
  • Maintain System Management and Service Agreements
  • Maintain Upgrade and Replacement Plans
  • Maintain Environmental Controls (EMU), AC Unit, Aux AC Unit
  • Maintain Data Racks
  • Maintain List Serve / Group Email Services
  • Joint / Custom Projects
    • (e.g. Mass Notification System, Access Controls, HVAC Controls, Access Controls, Digital Signage, OPP Ticket System (PMs), WebCheckout)

Instructional Computing

  • Install, Maintain and Support Classroom Podiums and Technology
    • PC, LCD Projector, VCR/DVD, Smart Podium
  • Maintain Recycling and Upgrade Plans - Classroom Designs
  • Maintain Controller Software / Image / Firmware
  • Maintain Spare Hardawre
  • Perform Yearly Designs, choose, carpet, etc.
  • Collaborate with Campus UCIF Committee
  • Collaborate with OPP on Integrated Lighting
  • Maintain Video Conferencing System and Integration with Technology
  • Other Technology: Slide Projectors, Overheads, Bulbs.

Administrative Computing

  • Maintain and support 150+ Laptop and Desktop Computer Used by Faculty and Staff
  • Maintain a 3/4 year Computer Hardware Recycling Plan
  • Maintain an Automated Computer Imaging and Software Installation Process
  • Package Standard Software Packaged in MSI Format for Automated Installs
    • Maintain / Upgrades Software Packages as Required
    • Maintain Antivirus Software and Signatures
  • Test and Deploy All Operating System Software Patches
  • Maintain Support, and Purchase Hardware Peripherals (Scanners, Printer, Monitor, etc.)
  • Support Administrative Software (AIS, AIS Printing, FIT, etc.)
  • Maintain Campus Group Printers
  • Maintain Software Licensing Agreements and Records
  • Provide Hardware Support (parts replacement, spare hardware)
  • Support Users with Customer Software Requests, Home Printers
  • Provide Remote Assistance
  • Support UCS Email and Calendaring Services
  • Support Campus and CE Locations

Academic Computing

  • Maintain 180+ Academic Laptop and Desktop Computers
  • Maintain a 3 or 4 Year Hardware Recycling Program
    • Refresh Public Computer with Recycled Hardware Anually
  • Take an Active Role in the University Cooperative Lab Management (CLM) Project
  • Develop and Deploy Annual Computer Images
    • Solicit Campus for Annual Software Request
    • Packages and Test Software Packages
    • Currently Manage / Deploy 40 Software Packages
    • Maintain, Package, and Deploy Software and OS Updates Throughout Academic Year
    • Maintain Customer Software Packages for Academic Disciplines
  • Maintain Student Printers
    • Stock and Distribute Ink, Toner, and Paper Supplies Daily
    • Provide and Administrate a Student Print Billing System
    • Recycle Printers Based on Usage
  • Troubleshoot Hardware, Software, and User Issues
  • Maintain 20 Laptops for Sign-out via Library
  • Maintain Custom Podium Images
  • Maintain Custom Image for CE Computer Lab
  • Maintain and Support Media Commons Offering

Research Computing

  • Assist with Faculty Research Endeavors
    • Provide use of Public Hardware to Support Research
    • Assist Faculty with Technology Purchases to Support Research
    • Provide Recycled Hardware
    • Provide Secured Data Network Segmentation for Research
    • Provide Central Virtualized Server Technology
    • Provide Space in Central Data Center for Hardware (UPS/AC/Rack Space)
    • Maintain DNS Records

Information Security

  • Conduct and Maintain PII Scans and Remediation Program
  • Conduct Security Incident REsponse Procedures
    • Provide Project Management Oversight
    • (PII Incidents, Computer Compromise, Virus Infections)
  • Act as the Campus Access and Security Representatives
    • Field Request and Approval for Access to University Admin or Academic Information Systems
    • (ISIS, IBIS, FIT, Data Warehouse)
    • Perform Bi-Annual Access Audits
    • Support Mainframe Printing
  • Maintian FERPA Testing and Compliance Requirements
  • Maintain Campus PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Maintian Campus Security Hardware (Firewall, IDS, IPS)
  • Maintain Campus CDR Call Logs
  • Support Technology Related Criminal Investigations
  • Address External Copyright Violation Incidents
    • (RIAA / MPAA)
  • Maintain AD19 Compliance - Storage of Institutional Data
  • Implement Hard Disk Encryption Technology
  • Implement Network Access Control Technology (NAC)
  • Maintain Campus Central Log Server
  • Maintain Campus Network Monitoring System


  • Develop and Maintain Campus Technology Policies and Procedures
  • Web Presence
    • Act as the Liason to the University Web Team
    • Act as Project Manage for Web Project and Deployment
    • Maintain AD54 Compliance - Accessibility
    • Train Local Staff on RedDot Use
    • Maintian Local Mailing List for RedDot Users
  • Conduct All Technology Related Purchasing
    • Complete and Maintain Purchasing Paperwork
  • Maintain Campus Technology Budget and Forecasting
  • Maintian Bi-annual Ink/Toner Billing
  • Maintain Campus "Specialized" Access Accounts
    • (UCS, STAA, Coaches Account, etc.)
  • Participate in Campus Event Planning and Support
  • Maintain Membership on University and Campus Technology Related Committees
  • Actively Monitor, Test, and Forecast New Technologies (Emerging Technologies)
  • Facilitate Employee/Student Access Account and Onboarding Procedure
  • Software License Metering and Annual Renewal Management
  • Maintain Compliance with University Policy and External Regulations
  • Maintain Documentation (hardware, software, logs, change, etc.)
  • Maintain Campus Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Plans (DRP/BCP)
  • Lead the Campus Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee
  • Responsible for Activating Emergency Notification Technology
    • Maintain Technology to Support Incident Response Center (e.g. PSUTXT, Mass Communication System, Web Site Alerts)