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Penn State Pointers


Academic Skills

Improving Memorization Skills - Pointers to help with memorization

The 10 Tips for Academic Success -Top ten pointers for improving grades

Marking a Textbook - Marking your textbook is an active reading strategy you can use to easily remember the information when you refer back to the text for studying.

Grade Tracking Sheet - Use this sheet to keep track of your grades for each course you are taking this semester.

Make Studying Fun with Quizlet - Quizlet is an online resource you can utilize for interactive note cards


Math Study Skills - Pointers for the best Math study tactics


APA Guidelines - Pointers for proper use of APA format

Avoid Run-ons and Comma Splices - Pointers for proper use of sentence structure and commas

MLA Guidelines - Pointers for proper use of MLA format

Proper Pronoun Use - Pointers for differences in nouns and pronouns

Last Minute Paper Edits - Useful pointers for fine-tuning your work

What is Plagiarism - the act of stating or implying that another person's work is your own


Box - Box at Penn State offers secure, scalable, and user-friendly content sharing across multiple platforms

LabChat - A program available to PSU Students on lab machines on campus that connects them to live IT chat support

PASS Space - Offers PSU students an online storage space of 500MB, allowing them to save assignments onto the PSU computer from home and vice versa

Printing - Pointers for usage of printing services and options offered on campus

Webmail and ANGEL - Pointers for usage of Webmail and ANGEL as well as tips for email checking


College Budget - track your spending and learn more about your campus meal plan