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Penn State Pointers


Academic Skills

Improving Memorization SkillsPointers to help with memorization.

The 10 Tips for Academic SuccessTop ten pointers for improving grades.

Marking a TextbookMarking your textbook is an active reading strategy you can use to easily remember the information when you refer back to the text for studying.

Grade Tracking SheetUse this sheet to keep track of your grades for each course you are taking this semester.

Make Studying Fun with QuizletQuizlet is an online resource you can utilize for interactive note cards.


Math Study SkillsPointers for the best math study tactics.


APA GuidelinesPointers for proper use of APA format.

Avoid Run-ons and Comma SplicesPointers for proper use of sentence structure and commas.

MLA GuidelinesPointers for proper use of MLA format.

Proper Pronoun UsePointers for differences in nouns and pronouns.

Last Minute Paper EditsUseful pointers for fine-tuning your work.

What is Plagiarism—The act of stating or implying that another person's work is your own.



BoxBox at Penn State offers secure, scalable, and user-friendly content sharing across multiple platforms.

LabChatA program available to PSU students on lab machines on campus that connects them to live IT chat support.

PASS SpaceOffers PSU students an online storage space of 500MB, allowing them to save assignments onto the PSU computer from home and vice versa.

PrintingPointers for usage of printing services and options offered on campus.

Webmail and ANGELPointers for usage of Webmail and ANGEL as well as tips for email checking.


College Budget—Track your spending and learn more about your campus meal plan.