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Adjunct Faculty

Make-Up Testing Procedures


The make-up testing center is provided to assist Penn State Adjunct Faculty in proctoring excused make-up exams for students in their courses.  The make-up testing center may not be used to proctor exams for students receiving special accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.


The procedures for using the Academic Support Center Make-Up Testing Center are listed below.


1.     The Academic Support Center DOES NOT administer DROP IN make-up testing.  All make-up testing must be scheduled in advanced.

2.     The student taking the test must contact the proctor directly via e-mail and reserve a time to receive proctored testing. 

Make-Up Exam Proctor: make-up-testing@psu.edu 

3.     The faculty member in whose class the test is being given must provide a paper copy of the test to a designated staff member of the ASC prior to the student’s scheduled testing time along with the specific directions regarding the testing material (fill out and complete form below).

4.     The test is placed in a secure location until the student arrives to take it.

5.     When the student arrives to take the test, he or she is shown to an area where they will be given their tests.  *Note: tests are not individually proctored, and the ASC is not responsible for the belongings of the student.  Students should not bring any belongings that are not specifically directed as test materials.  Students are expected to uphold the principles of academic integrity while test-taking.

6.     When finished with the test, the student returns the test to the designated ASC staff member.

7.     The designated ASC staff member returns the test to the secure location until the testing faculty member collects it.

8.     Exams may be dropped up and picked up Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. or Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the front desk.  Exams must be placed in a sealed envelope with the instruction form completed and enclosed in the envelope. (Extra envelopes and instruction forms will  be available at the ASC when dropping off exams.)

9.     Adjunct Faculty should communicate the testing procedures with their students needing to utilize the service.