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What should a student expect?The Sophomore Experience Graphic

Jump Start students continue to be supported throughout their sophomore year through the Sophomore Experience sponsored by the Academic Support Center Learning Specialist. 

During the second year of college, students have different priorities than what they did during their first-year on campus. Sophomores often struggle with selecting their major and understanding Entrance to Major (ETM) requirements, selecting where to complete their Penn State degree, campus involvement, mastering their academic course load, among many other topics.

During the monthly sessions, students connect with PSMA sophomore peers to discuss issues and concerns.  Students have an opportunity to gain vital knowledge from their peers, the learning specialist, and other faculty and staff contacts.

Although the topics are chosen in relation to the sophomore experience, all students on campus are welcome to attend!

2014-2015 Schedule

Sessions are held in the Heritage Room of the Millstream Cafe from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.


Fall Sophomore Experience Schedule
 Date  Event
October 7  Getting Involved & Making Connection
November 4
 College Budgeting
December 2
Staying Motivated



Spring Sophomore Experience Schedule
 Date  Event
February 3
 Setting Goals for Success
March 3
 How to beef up your resume with valuable experience
April 7
Making the Transition


Interested in a different topic?

Are you interested in learning more on a topic not listed this year? Contact the ASC Learning Specialist for a one-on-one appointment or referral to learn more about the topic you are most interested in.

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